Custom Printed Corporate Apparel

Our Specialty Clothing is designed to prioritize safety and comfort. From High-Visibility Safety Apparel that ensures visibility in hazardous environments to Sun Protective Clothing that offer a shield against harmful UV rays, our collection combines functionality with top-notch safety. Choose our specialized apparel for a distinctive combination of safety and comfort in any setting.

High-Visibility Safety Apparel

In recognizing the unique nature of various business operations, we are committed to enhancing your promotional strategies in every possible way. At White House Custom Apparel & Graphics, our services go beyond the ordinary.

We provide Screen Printing Services on High-Visibility Safety Apparel, which meet OSHA standards. Whether it’s day or night, on land or sea, we’ve got you covered for every occasion.

Branded High-Visibility Safety Apparel

Construction worker in Hi-Vis apparel, High-Visibility and Sun Protective Clothing - specialty clothing

Ensure the safety and professional appearance of your crews at the job site with our exceptional High-Visibility Safety Apparel, crafted to meet and exceed OSHA standards. In day or night, we provide a comprehensive range of gear, including flagger’s vests, shirts, and jackets. Available in the mandated orange, yellow, strong yellow-green, or fluorescent hues, our daytime apparel ensures your job site remains fully compliant with all regulations. For nighttime work, we offer similar outer garments featuring strategically placed reflective markings, adding an extra layer of visibility and safety during low-light conditions.

Sun Protective Clothing

Explore our Sun Protective Clothing range offering UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) up to 50 SPF, ensuring comprehensive sun protection.

Branded Sun Protective Clothing

sun protective clothing - specialty clothing

Continue your brand’s versatile operations under the sun with our Branded Sun Protective Shirts, exceeding SPF50 for ultimate sun safety. These shirts not only shield against harmful UV rays but also serve as a canvas for your logo or design. Our printing services ensure your brand stands out while keeping your team comfortably shielded from the sun’s rays.


Extending beyond T-shirts, Performance/Dri-Fit shirts like include jerseys, performance sweatshirts, and more, are engineered for optimal performance.With moisture-wicking technology, your team can stay dry and comfortable during intense activities. Whether you’re hitting the field or pursuing an active lifestyle, our Performance/Dri-Fit Clothing offers comfort and style.

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