Image of assorted Products. A Hat with a custom logo, a metal wate rbottle with a custom logo, a water bottle inside of a branded koozie, a stack of custom printed cups with pens, and a couple koozies and socks with custom logos.

From T-shirts, to hats, to mugs, and other marketing materials, White House offers customization services on a wide range of products that will promote your business in tangible ways and allow your business to stand out above the rest. We want to make sure that all of our fellow community members have the opportunity to promote their business. We are able to do so in whatever medium you feel best.

Explore our extensive T-shirt blanks and printing options, granting you creative freedom to showcase your brand uniquely. Ensure comfort and inclusivity across the spectrum. Recognizing diverse business needs, we extend our screen printing services to high-quality Hi-Vis & SPF 50+ products, catering to various scenarios, be it day or night, land or sea.

If vibrant screen prints aren’t your preference, delve into our Embroidery services for a professional, timeless touch. The tactile artistry of embroidery elevates the feel, ideal for adding elegance to any apparel piece.

Diversifying beyond apparel, we excel in accessories and promotional items. Elevate your business’s physical presence with our top-notch marketing materials, leaving a lasting impact on both customers and employees. White House stands as your partner in St. Petersburg, providing high-quality printing on a range of products to convey your business seriousness. Elevate your brand with us.


White House Custom Apparel & Graphics is your premier destination for custom t-shirt printing services. T-shirts serve as powerful tools for promoting your business while fostering a sense of belonging and comfort among your employees or group members. Our streamlined screen printing process ensures a hassle-free experience for you. Whether you have a design ready or prefer us to handle the creative aspect, we’ve got you covered. Choose from our diverse range of printing dimensions to further tailor your t-shirts and solidify your brand identity.

Collared / Polo Shirts

Discover timeless professionalism with our collared and polo shirts, where effortless style meets high-quality craftsmanship. Ideal for diverse settings, these shirts serve as versatile canvases for showcasing your brand through embroidery or screen printing. Elevate your image with our sophisticated collared shirts and versatile polo shirts, ensuring lasting impressions in every context. We offer our expert screen printing and embroidery services on the many types of Collared/Polo shirts.


Explore the transformative impact of premium outerwear on your brand’s identity. Choose from a wide-variety of Outerwear options that serve as powerful canvases for showcasing your brand’s logo, or a custom design. Beyond their practical functionality, these outerwear pieces offer a mobile advertising platform, ensuring your brand remains visible in various environments. The versatility of outerwear extends your brand’s presence through all seasons, making it a strategic investment for year-round exposure. 


An image of three hats, each with a custom embroidered logo

Elevate your brand’s visibility with the unique sophistication of embroidered logos on hats. Our premium embroidery services ensure that your logo is meticulously crafted onto high-quality hats. This process not only adds a touch of personalized flair, but furthermore guarantees durability and precision. The artistry involved in embroidery enhances your logo’s visibility and professionalism. This will transform simple caps into personalized statements that authentically reflect your brand identity with every stitch. Opting for our expert embroidery services promises a lasting impression on top-quality hats, where the seamless blend of style and craftsmanship leaves an indelible mark wherever your brand ventures. 

Specialty Clothing

Our Specialty Clothing is designed to prioritize safety and comfort. From High-Visibility Safety Apparel ensuring visibility in hazardous environments to Sun Protective Clothing offering a shield against harmful rays, our collection combines functionality with top-notch craftsmanship. Imprint your brand on these specialized garments, providing both safety and comfort to your team. Whether navigating worksites or enjoying outdoor activities, our Specialty Clothing offers a tailored solution, where every stitch represents a commitment to quality and protection. Choose our specialized apparel for a distinctive combination of safety and comfort in any setting.

Promotional Products

When establishing your brand/business, investing in top-tier custom promotional products is paramount. Cultivating connections with business partners and clients through tangible and practical promotional items can greatly enhance the vitality of your enterprise. Personalizing promotional products with your brand imprint ensures enduring recognition. Remarkably, as per National Pen, “82% of individuals report a more favorable impression of a brand upon receiving a promotional product.” At White House, we specialize in premium promotional product printing across a diverse range of items, signaling to your clientele your commitment to professionalism. Our commitment ensures that you depart with Products that Propel your brand forward. 

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